Southern African Aerospace Medical Association (SAAsMA)

Strengthening Excellence Through Resources and Partnerships

Fostering Innovation, Collaboration, and Impact

Collaborating for Excellence in Aviation Medicine

At SAAsMA, we recognise that excellence in aviation medicine is built upon a foundation of valuable resources, collaborative efforts, and strategic partnerships. Through our commitment to fostering innovation and cooperation, we aim to drive advancements in the field of aerospace health and safety.

Access Valuable Resources:

Explore our range of resources, including research papers, guidelines, and insights, all designed to empower aviation medical professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in their roles.

Collaborate for Impact:

We actively seek partnerships with industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and medical institutions to create a unified approach to aviation medicine. By working together, we can address challenges, share best practices, and contribute to the overall enhancement of flight safety.

Stay Informed and Engaged:

Join us in our pursuit of excellence by accessing our resources, participating in collaborative initiatives, and staying connected with SAAsMA’s network of experts. Together, we can shape the future of aviation medicine and ensure a safer and healthier aviation industry.